1. "The hole in my heart is now so wide that any arrow will just pass through."

    On arrows

    — e.lisitsa

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    October is American Archives Month. To celebrate, we are highlighting our staff around the country and their favorite records from the holdings in the National Archives. 

    Today’s staff member is Cody White, an archivist at the National Archives at Denver. Here’s his explanation of why his favorite record is a particular Purple Heart at the Truman Presidential Library and Museum:

    "Nearly two million of them have been issued over the years, but the story behind this particular medal is what really affected me the first time I saw it. Simply put, a distraught father who lost his son in the Korean War sent the posthumous medal, with accompanying letter, back to Truman. It’s a succinct, yet devastating letter to read and if I remember the story correctly Truman in turn kept the letter and medal close, with staff finding it in his personal office desk after he passed in 1972."

    "That simple display, it hits you right when you leave the gallery at the Harry S. Truman Library & Museum , knocked me out and has stuck with me since I first saw it. I can’t imagine the burden of such leadership; the stress, the second guessing, and the memories you’ll carry until you die.”

    "On that same trip I swung through Hannibal, where Tom tricked me into painting a fence."

    Image: Letter to Truman from distraught father: http://www.trumanlibrary.org/exhibit_documents/index.php?tldate=1953-00-00&groupid=5118&pagenumber=1&collectionid=korea.

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  3. "Stay single, fall in love with yourself first. Don’t buy into the hype. Don’t lie to get someone’s body. Don’t fool yourself into a relationship. Be clear about what you want. Make sure it isn’t a decision stemmed from loneliness. Be honest about what you need. Be honest about what you have to offer. Be satisfied with not getting what you want. Don’t manipulate. Open communication. Be blunt. Be respectful. Be happy with or without someone. Know whether you’re in bed with a one-night stand or at the pulpit for marriage, that you didn’t lie to yourself or someone else to get there."
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    So, this was one of the most special moments of the tour through Sweden, and possibly of my entire touring life. Totally impromptu, unrehearsed duet. 

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    Parisian apartment lust [x]

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    journal de jours

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